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Notice of Holidays
Dear Customer, Our factory will take day off from Jan.11 to Mar.1. You are free to place order during this holiday.
Items will be dispatched after factory reopens.We are sorry for the inconvenince, 5% discount will be provided for delay orders.      
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  Joedelta, one of the largest store fixture manufacturer in China. We are proud of being working with many international and national top retailing brands, which come from sports shoes and apparels, fast fashion, cosmetics and panting etc.

   Joedelta make display fixture, cash desk, hanging bars, display shelf and lighting boxes and other store-relating fixtures for our clients.



Production Process:Laser-cutting, CNC Bending, CNC Punching, Welding & Polishing, Semi-auto Powder Coating etc.

Product:Shoe and Apparel Wall Frame, Gondola, Hanging Accessories etc.


Production Process:CNC Carving, CNC Cutting, Cold Pressing, Auto Edge Banding and Trimming,CNC Drilling, Dust-free Wet Painting etc.

Product:Cash Desk, Table, Cabinet, Fitting-room Mirror, Bench and Stool etc.


Production Process:Laser Cutting, CNC Carving, Thermo-Bending, Diamond/Flame Polishing, Vacuum Forming, Screen Printing etc.

Product:Lighting Box、Illuminating LOGO etc.

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